#TAGtribe Blog – The Power of Serendipity in Business by @sangeetahaindl #llbs


I love the word serendipity; it means the “effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated”. In French its sérendipicité, and also heureux hasard, “fortunate chance”…and when it happens, it is potent and magical.

I have discovered that as I work more on more on-line and engage on different social media platforms such as Twitter (especially Twitter) that serendipity thrives on the Internet and in the digital age. As a result I have done my own research into serendipity and its relation to social media and networking; and have come to the conclusion that serendipity is good for business and everyday living; and I now want to share with you the power of serendipity. There is nothing fluffy or cosmic about it. It is a useful business principle that we should all try to adopt and practice.

Serendipity itself is an unpredictable factor that happens more when you work harder, but isn’t always there because you tried hard. You can’t predict when it happens, though you can sometimes give a good guess. When it occurs for example via your blog, you find that your post suddenly explodes in ways you couldn’t predict. In an instant, the words you laboured over on your computer spreads across the globe to all sorts of people.  It’s like Andy Warhol manifested and granted you your fifteen minutes of internet fame.

The more we work at what we do then the better our chances are for serendipity to occur. Serendipity’s rich playing ground is when we are networking; we increase our chances of it happening, especially if we allow ourselves to do the following:

Be random and open – We are conditioned not to talk to strangers, but some people enter our lives and change them forever. So, don’t just aim to talk to the people you think you need to when at events…you just don’t know who the other people in the room are connected to and who they may know?!;

Be helpful – Go out of your way to extend kindness, friendliness and assistance to everyone – they are likely to pay you back;

Get out there – serendipity networking has a lot to do with being at the right place at the right time; and

Always have business cards – Most of your networking won’t occur between Monday and Friday between 9am-5pm; unexpected conversations are the stuff serendipity networking is made of!


Through my serendipity moments I have connected to a wealth of expertise, business and personal contacts; I have also collected some pretty amazing stories along the way which I will share with on 17 May at the Late, Late Breakfast Show and reveal more to you about the power of serendipity…


See Sangeeta at The Late Late Breakfast Show in May – click here

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2 thoughts on “#TAGtribe Blog – The Power of Serendipity in Business by @sangeetahaindl #llbs

  1. Sangeeta, thank you for re-acquainting me with this wonderful word. It is so much more appropriate than the awful wishy-washy ‘law of attraction/positive thinking’ nonsense.

  2. Hi Ann, Thank you for taking the time to read my post I am glad you see the power of serendipity in networking and social media; yes it is a great word!

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