#TAGtribe Blog April Fools day or not! By Kevin Bottwood

The much heralded new Bribery Act or should I say the Grand old Duke of York’s legislation since it has been back for review more times that his ten thousand men marched up and down that poor hill is finally (allegedly) going into force in April.  

Will the government have a sense of irony and make that day the 1st of April, they should do, while a new Act to replace the plethora of legislation is of course a good thing, this a real curates egg of an Act (good in parts for those of you who do not get the connection).  A particular area that concerns me is the Bribery of a Foreign Public Official woolly and in my opinion decidedly unhelpful to any international corporation hoping to do business in the global village that is today’s world.  The United States known for its wonderful Patriot Act (yes irony again) in their own Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act excludes facilitation payments from the Act.  I wonder do our legislators have any concept of how business is done in the real world?

I am not suggesting for one minute that anyone should receive, solicit, or give a financial or other incentive to any other person to do wrong, but I have a strong suspicion the Act will be used primarily to beat up the regulated sector rather than its primary function to catch the crooks, also I wonder will a blind eye be turned to those rather obvious bribes which can be described as “done in the public interest”.  That would never happen of course not in the squeaky clean United Kingdom where our members of Parliament are known for their probity, so much so they do not even take expenses they are entitled to never mind claim those for which they are not entitled.  Yes there is a lot of irony in this blog!




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