#TAGtribe Blog – It is possible for an Apple Mac to get a virus? by @Pensar_IT


It is possible for an Apple Mac to get a virus? The short answer to the question is “Yes”. However, the likelihood of a Mac user getting a virus when compared to a Windows user is very low. This is why many of the Mac users don’t (mistakenly) run an antivirus program. 

Below are some of the reasons why Apple Macs do not have as many viruses as Windows-based devices.

– Mac OS X is built on the Unix kernel, which is one most secure operating systems available.
– Windows is used by a lot more users. Because of that, it is a better target than Mac OS.
– Most virus writers are only familiar with Windows, and therefore only able to create a virus for that platform.
– Many of the tools and scripts used to help create viruses or other malware are designed for Windows.

HOWEVER:  What most Mac users don’t understand is that a Mac can serve as a virus carrier, meaning that a virus could be stored on a Mac but not infect it. If that infected Macintosh were then to connect to a network or forward an infected email to a Windows user that computer could become infected. Imagine the reaction of that loyal client (or supplier or friend or family member) if you were found to be the transmitter of the virus that infects their system and renders it unusable.

That is why all Mac users should install antivirus protection.

It should also be noted that now that Mac OS X is gaining an increased share of the market, it is increasing its value as a potential platform for malware, and consequently those who write and distribute will inevitably give it a higher focus.

There aren’t many free antivirus programs for the Mac, but you could always try ClamXav – http://www.clamxav.com. For businesses, I recommend ESET Antivirus for Mac OS X – <a href="http://www.eset.co.uk/Products/MacAntivirus/Business.http://www.eset.co.uk/Products/MacAntivirus/Business.</span>


2 thoughts on “#TAGtribe Blog – It is possible for an Apple Mac to get a virus? by @Pensar_IT

  1. Hi Mark

    Thanks for this timely advice. As a user of both the Mac and Windows platforms I will be double cheking my anit virus protection. Cheers!

  2. Hi Mark,

    nice blog. I was once used as a virus transmitter. But I had some antivirus software running. My Mac didn’t bother but my friends did. In the end we never figured out what it was but we all updated the software.

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