TAGtribe Blog – Knowing me – Knowing you! Cheeky Monkey – By Kevin Botwood


How great it is when going into a meeting when your host says I know you, you both think and try to remember where you have seen each other before, and finally one or other says ‘do you know’ and the penny drops, its not that you have met its that you both know a mutual contact, hey presto welcome to Tagtribe.

I work in the regulated sector mainly in the financial markets which can be quite incestuous and it never ceases to amaze me how many times this has happened in the past 12 months since getting involved with Tagtribe. The major benefit to all is that the ice is broken, there is some common ground and that’s the best foundation to have a chat about business. Tagtribe is not about expecting business it is about getting to know and trust people who will speak of you in high regard, when out meeting others, don’t ever forget the power of brand, for me the best it can ever be is when someone you have never met before says Hi Kevin you’re the guy that works in compliance within the regulated sector, that’s powerful and for very little cost your business and brand is getting known by others. I can be described as old school when it comes to sales for me its about consultative sales, selling on the needs of clients, its not about bombarding businesses with the usual how great am I, that’s why Tagtribe works its gentle and soft but does over time deliver a whole new market that you may never have got into in the first place.

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