The Late Show Blog – In the company of strangers by @leesmallwood #llbs

In the company of strangers by @leesmallwood
Chances are that at some point in your life you’ve asked a loved one, friend or colleague for advice about something you wanted to buy or their opinion of the level of service a company or an individual offers, then, taking on board what they said, made your decision on whether to get it/contract the company or not: weighing up the pros and the cons.

We generally ask the people we know around us because we trust their opinion or because they’ve had experience of the product we’re interested in or particular service we need.

And no doubt that when in those instances when we’ve bought the ‘ultimate widget’ or contracted the best company sometimes it/they may have not been all we perceived it to be… possibly due to not asking enough people ‘what they thought’ or more specifically not having access to more people to ask in the first place(!)

Technology, of course, has changed this exponentially, providing us access to as many opinions as we want or can digest to the point of ‘feedback over indulgence’…but with one exception – we don’t know the people that leave them!

We now take purchasing advice from complete strangers; reading every word as if they were speaking straight from the heart directly to us.

So how can businesses – no matter what the size – harness these ‘virtual voices’ and amplify the only marketing message that actually counts for something?

On 18th January 2011 at The Late Late Breakfast Show I’ll be discussing through ways that you can apply right away that will not only increase your online reputation but improve your online visibility at the time when people are making that all important choice of who to choose.
Hear Lee, Lucy, Phil and William at…
Late Late Breakfast Show January the 18th in Leicester Square.



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