Recurring Appointments in Outlook & iCal by @shelleyfishel

Recurring Appointments in Outlook

 We all know how great the Tagtribe events are. A place to meet and greet, renew acquaintances and generally have a great un-networking time!
There are lots of ways to keep us on our toes and remind us of when the meetings are. However we could make life a lot easier for everyone in TAGtribe by adding the fortnightly Mastermind Groups and the monthly Late Late Breakfast Show, TAGtribe Alchemy the SME 2.0 meetings to our calendars as Recurring Appointments.
A Recurring appointment is an appointment that occurs at the same time on a regular basis, either daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.
So I thought it would help TAGtribe members out to show you step by step how to do this.

Instructions for Outlook

Type the subject
In this case The Late Late Breakfast Show
Click the recurrence icon        

Set the time and frequency
Click Ok
Your new appointment will appear – in this case on the Third Tuesday of every month at 18:30 pm

To add a Recurring Appointment in iCal

1. Click File
2. Click New Event
3. Set the time for the appointment
4. Click Repeat
5. In the box that appears select the frequency you want or as we will do here click Custom
6. Click OK

More “I.T. how to’s” from Shelley click here


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