@gemmawent Shares her thoughts ahead of The Late Late Breakfast Show and techMAP #llbs #techforgood


Fresh (I hope) from my talk at Techmap I’ll be hot footing it over to the Late Late Show on Tuesday evening to give a quick run down of the key points of the talk. Although I’ve not worked extensively in the not-for-profit sector, I have worked closely with a couple of charities. It soon became clear that many suffer the same issues as SMEs, an area I do specialise in.

Those issues are primarily around lack of budget and resources and I’ve worked closely with SME’s to help them understand how to make the most of social technology without an abundance of these. 

Now before you starting thinking ‘brilliant, I can do this stuff for free’, that isn’t my point. At the very least, social activity takes time and time means a salary, or part of a salary, so it’s never free. What I try to focus is on is a smarter way of working by looking at what other activities businesses are doing that aren’t working, ditching those and replacing them with social activity. A transfer of budget and resources if you will. I then look at the most cost effective way of using social media to get the results the business, or NFP, want. It could simply be through social listening, by creating a community to connect and engage with, or anything else. ere 

I will be giving some real life examples of how people have done this with little or no budget and a run down of some of the tools I’ve come across that help with this.

The Late Late Breakfast Show – Episode 9 – ‘The Edge of Heaven’ is on the 16th November join in here

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