N_etiquette with @CarolVerity @gabrielleNYC #llbs on the Late Show Blog


 … appropriate behaviour on and offline is essential in today’s society

  Carol Mann and Gabrielle Laine-Peters discuss

… Why?

You may well ask…

“Good manners are the art of making those people easy with whom we converse. Whoever makes the fewest people uneasy is the best bred in the room.” Quote: Jonathan Swift

And wouldn’t you like to be ‘best of your breed’? No matter what industry you are in being online and having people like what you say and want to know you is, ultimately, what all this ‘stuff’ is about: whether you are looking to either ‘be-friend’ or  ‘be-business’ people.

Never was there such a great opportunity to reach people and create relationships than is offered by the social environment on the Internet. The trick is to keep and nurture those relationships you have worked so hard to build; therefore every step of the way you have to be authentic and appropriate in what you write – which naturally reflects your behaviour and integrity online as the person whom people would like to know and eventually meet.

Following are just a few brief guidelines (and top of our n_etiquette list) to set you on your appropriate way…

Bad behaviour: Being blatantly rude about someone is just not a good idea. If you think bad news travels fast offline; get a bad reputation online and you will see how very, very fast bad news can travel in cyberspace! Warp-speed is positively snail’s-pace by comparison! ‘ Viral’ aka ‘buzz’ marketing makes is so easy for naming and shaming and for ‘bad news’ to get out as fast as wild-fire. That said, the same goes for ‘good stuff’ – not quite as fast but the word does spread.

Attribute information – (positively NO plagiarism please): One of our biggest bug-bears are people who try and make out that what they are saying was found / discovered or said by them… This is totally unacceptable behaviour. It is lazy, rude and does no one any favours at the end of the day. Besides which, you will eventually get rumbled and you’ll become ‘bad news’ – and we know how fast that travels! So if you are tweeting or blogging or essentially writing anything at all – then for goodness sakes make sure you ‘source’ it and give credit where it is due. Ironically this will usually reflect well ‘back-at-ya’ as you will be associated with some good people who are a great source of information and eventually work your way up in the social online ‘league’.

If you sign up – show up: Don’t just sign up for an event/meeting to get your name ‘up there’ on the list. If you are genuinely interested then do so, if not don’t! And if you DO sign up and can’t go then let someone know. Be this an online event or offline. Recently we went to a social evening #tweetup that someone had gone to great trouble to arrange for FREE – 30 people had signed up and only 6 showed up. Out of the 24 or so who didn’t show up only 2 sent apologies? It was, in fact, this event and a couple of other things that actually triggered us to start our @n_etiquette twitter account.

And, on a final note: Just in case you think we are trying to be holier than thou (and when you meet us, which we hope you do, you will soon realise we are not!), this is absolutely not about being a ‘goodie two shoes’ either. It is totally acceptable to be controversial and enter into a bit of banter if something annoys you: However, please remember that to disagree you don’t have to be disagreeable. 

The Late Late Breakfast Show – Episode 9 – ‘The Edge of Heaven’ is on the 16th November join in here

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