Tune up your sales! Late Late Breakfast Show Blog – #llbs


Next!  That’s the only word you need to understand the application of when you’re in sales, because it’s the word you shout after every sale and every no-sale!  What does it mean?  Simple – who’s next on the list! 

Even though we all know it’s a numbers game, how do you stack those numbers in your favour to make sure you win more often?

Someone suggested I give you an insight in to sales and how to improve your individual, team or business performance and then put my thoughts to music.  Easy!  OK, so they never really thought this through before they said I’d do it – in fact they never actually asked me.  So when I saw ‘Lucas Vigilante’ on the list of presenters my immediate reaction was;  “what are the chances of that – he’s got the same name as me!”

Sales success is all about executing the basics with consistency day in, day out and about relentlessly testing and measuring the results.  Do you ask every customer where they heard about you?  If you don’t you’d better start because that’s the only way you’ll know which marketing strategies work and which don’t.  That’s one of the basics.

How on earth this chap with the same name as me is going to encapsulate other such basics guaranteed to improve any business in to a 7 minute presentation I don’t know.  I might even turn up on the night to see this for myself. 




One thought on “Tune up your sales! Late Late Breakfast Show Blog – #llbs

  1. Next! so powerful and yet hard to keep our frial egos out of the way!

    I’m a network builder! I’m a network builder!I’m a network builder!I’m a network builder! Go Mtch Sala group in NW21

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