How is the weather in Barnet? SME 2.0 Saving London from crap business advice #tagtribe



Every month TAGtribe get together for SME 2.0 – this month is “Commercial Reality & Business Intelligence.”

For this month’s event we have got together a panel of very informed friends to talk through where the business opportunities are (or maybe are not) in the next 12 months, a HUGE hot potato is what is going on with the public sector. We caught up with Bob Pinket from Peter Brett Associates for a few words before he joins the panel at the event tomorrow night.

Have you just dismissed last week’s spending review as something only to worry the suits in town halls and nothing to do with you and your two year old start-up making funky sandwiches for the City lunch time trade? Think again because when the public sector sneezes we all catch a cold. The enormity of the numbers doesn’t help make it personal – £89billion of cuts over 4 years, up to 28% off the bottom line spending of councils. To achieve this level of reduction fundamental changes are already on their way, whether its Barnet describing its future as “EasyCouncil” or Westminster planning to operate with just a Chief Exec, an accountant and everything else outsourced. So at SME 2.0 I will dive into the world of LEPs, RGF, TIF and other TLAs so beloved of the policy geeks and explore what it means for us.

SME 2.0 is a rapid mix of social media, business development and peer to peer learning for TAGtribe members – the event enables members to connect, collaborate and ultimately cut through the mountains of half baked business advice and pseudo training courses on offer.  

 SME 2.0 is a TAGtribe member event.

Non members can book for this months Late Late Breakfast Show here to ‘try on’ the TAGtribe experience. 



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