Return on Involvement


The internet has given individual people a more powerful voice than ever before making us increasingly inter-dependant and inter-connected. The world is rapidly moving to a return on involvement, while large organisations still have their place small business is now the big business with groups carving out their niche that thrive on well connected collaborations.

By operating a partnering model and sharing resources businesses achieve more and faster, this is a fun and sustainable way of thinking. This attitude is being displayed by major investment banks working together to close a deal and top tear construction firms choosing to partner with suppliers rather than the old model of competing on price, inviting a beauty parade of tendering that resulted in low margins and smaller firms being bled dry. 

The new engagement economy means employees are hired for their passion and brain power as the next generation of worker knowledge age moves in and the factory model of dominating to avoid domination disappears. If you don’t practice what you preach it will appear online, recent examples include “Nestle-gate” on face book and “United Breaks Guitars” on You Tube.

Transparency really is the only option, if you are a company that claims to value people and relationships and you don’t keep your word in relationships or treat your staff like rubbish you will be found out fast.

Likewise if you have a hidden agenda in the work you are doing that will show up and bite you in the bum too.

‘New media’ channels act like huge self regulating focus groups and platforms for corporate networking and personal branding, as the old adage reads, people do business with people they know like and trust, add to this ‘and rate’ (or ‘like’ if you are using face book) also because relationships are visible all the time online you can bring your whole tribe into a group meeting and the ice is broken faster.

The most vibrant and productive places are where open source and sharing are the norm and that is why utilises platforms like Ning,, twitter, LinkedIn facebook. TAGtribe recognised that people needed something that was simple to plug into and that they could connect where they were already, bringing the right people together is the human touch we have that no level of technology we use the internet to get off the internet as the say at

TAGtribe is for people from businesses to connect, collaborate and share resources, this happens by people building bridges and not maintaining moats. It is clearly evident that so many of the established business groups and organisations that claim they help businesses grow are more interested in membership fees and building lists to sell to than the members businesses, they encourage a ‘pay to play’ instead of ‘play to play’ return on involvement. With TAGtribe there is no life membership, membership upgrade or corporate rate just one clear price per a person.

It is not unusual to hear people say that business is cut throat, ruthless or another negative connotation. People talk about a sustainable business model and building authentic trust is the best one we know. There is a difference between being smart, helpful and savvy and cutting people up, if you are committed to a relationship you will work to maintain it – easy eh? 

Every month there is the Late Late Breakfast Show event which is 7 people talking for 7 minutes about their business passion, this is a share and not a pitch. Also exclusively for TAGtribe members is the monthly ‘SME 2.0’ event (Social Media Engagement 2.0) each month members will learn how to master the basics of a different social network, teach each other and grow their online network together.

All these events take place at TAGtribe member’s offices or event spaces in central London, alongside fortnightly meetings organised by members. There is no ‘up sell, you don’t need to promote anything and the only features and benefits are the people.

You can join TAG tribe events on follow on twitter @tagtribe facebook/TAGtribe – Are you in?



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